Embroidery on Mirrors

There is an aphorism that is nearly as old as the English language: “Thought is the myrrour (mirror) of man, wherein he may beholde (behold) his beauty and his filth...”

My Embroidery on mirrors series “Through a Looking Glass, Darkly,” explores the topic of self reflection (both introspectively and as a measure of cultural assimilation) by using iconic Hollywood imagery hand embroidered on sheer fabric and mounted on vintage mirrors as a foil for truth.

In every movie are moments where we, the audience, relate in some way to the characters on the screen.  Whether positively or negatively, these fleeting relationships with characters and the stars who play them are what keep us coming back, to sit in darkened theaters (or with remotes in our hands), absorbing thoughts and ideas that are often to difficult or complex to articulate in everyday conversation.  With only an expression, cinematic images help us to “put our finger on” important but often fleeting expressions of feelings.