Vincent Project Gallery

At an artistic crossroads, I seized control of my own creative life and took up a serious self study of painting. I researched many artists, then picked the one who entered into his career late in life, painted quickly and prolifically, and, with only a rudimentary formal art education, taught himself to paint.

For a year, I researched the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh, made 52 paintings based his works, and wrote a blog ( about the experience. Some of the paintings were huge and complex, and some were no more than small studies, but all were at least loosely based on the work and life of Van Gogh.

I used the blog to make myself accountable to a deadline, and I used Vincent to teach me how to paint, and how to think like an artist. The work you see here came from that project. Some of it is still available to purchase, please contact me if you are interested.

Client Name
Vincent Van Gogh